It is a fact not universally acknowledged or even known that men and women require different types of nutrients to keep them healthy and fit. The health risks faced by men and women are also significantly different, and hence it is important that these differences are taken into account when deciding the elements of their respective diets.

The scientific opinion behind this given by Bangalore based Nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood is that since the muscle mass is higher in the male body, they require more proteins and calories compared to women. This should also be accompanied with a certain amount of vitamins and minerals which will help them to digest these proteins.

So here is a list of food items that men should consume to keep their body functioning properly:

1. Tomatoes
TomatoesFiled with potassium, vitamin C and fiber they help to keep the male heart healthy and robust.

2. Almonds
Food Items All Men Should Necessarily ConsumeAlmonds are a fantastic food item which contributes to keeping the protein intake high. Almonds can be taken as a snack and serve as an incredible energy boost for both men and women.

3. Soybeans
SoybeansThese are high in iron and calcium content and help to keep the bones healthy and vigorous.

4. Kiwi
KiwiThis exotic fruit contributes to fighting anxiety in men. It is also high in Vitamin C and makes sure that the male body will get the required amount of Vitamin C to keep healthy.

5. Watermelon
WatermelonWatermelon helps men in tremendous ways. It helps to reduce the risk of prostate cancer as it is rich in lycopene which is high in antioxidants.

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6. Cottage cheese
Cottage cheeseCottage cheese is high in caseins and caseins helps the male body to enhance muscle strength. Hence cottage cheese is an excellent addition to the male diet.

7. Pumpkin
PumpkinPumpkin is extremely high on zinc content. Zinc helps to increase bone density and bone strength keeping the human male body active and fit.

8. Cabbage
CabbageCabbage is high in vitamin K and helps to add this vitamin which is usually missing from your diet to your body. Another use of eating cabbage is that it is entirely free of calories and hence can be eaten as often and as much as you want.

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9. Oranges
OrangesOranges help in increasing the blood flow in your body and will keep you feeling fresh and energetic owing to the presence of Vitamin B-9.

10. Pistachios
PistachiosPistachios play some roles which benefit your body. High in protein content, they will aid in increasing the protein intake of your body. It also helps to keep away bad cholesterol and is also known to be good for the heart.

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