Why We Shouldn’t Drink Milk After Eating Fish

It’s an age-old notion told by our mothers and grandmothers that we should never drink milk after we consume fish. The fear of certain skin diseases or skin conditions such as skin discolouration, leukoderma or vitiligo, has always kept us from checking whether these notions are true or not.

So here we are to give you the answers that you’ve been seeking but were not willing to sacrifice your skin.

Myth or not?
There is no scientific evidence to prove the fact that drinking milk after eating fish or vice versa can cause skin diseases. In fact, in several cuisines around the world, fish and some derivative of milk are mixed to create specific dishes.

In certain traditional Indian dishes, fish and curd are mixed. In such situations, where fish and milk or its derivatives are used together for cooking, it is safe to assume that consuming these things together is not liable to cause any harm to the human body.

What does Ayurveda say?

According to the Ayurvedic tradition, several food items do not go well together. Fish and milk are one of those dishes that do not go well together. This is considered so because both fish and dairy are protein-based products.

However, the logical reasoning behind this has been lost over the years and only the myth relating to skin diseases remains.

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What does Talmud say?
The Talmud which is a collection of the Jewish laws and traditions also says that these specific forms of food items should not be mixed.

According to the ancient people, it was harmful to the skin to mix two protein-rich food items such as dairy and meat. This might be the origin of the whole notion of not consuming fish and milk together.

However, no evidence can be found in the Talmud today which says that fish and meat should not be mixed.

Not a myth…
Contemporary food nutritionists agree on the idea that two protein-rich food items should not be mixed. This is so because it will be hard for the human body to break down such a high quantity of proteins. This will take a toll on your digestive organs and the whole process of digestion.

So it advised taking only a single form of protein during a meal.

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